Up and down and all around…

I hate days like today.  I came into work, to an e-mail from my husband that was talking about him having to make a decision about whether or not to go back to the woman he started dating shortly after I left in September.  Of course, I just gave him my blessing.  Well, that must have pushed him over the edge. 

He has now decided that he wants absolutely nothing to do with the baby that I’m carrying because he doubts that it’s his.  I wish to GOD that it could be someone else’s but there is just no way.  The only way that he is going to seek any type of custody or anything is if I go after him for child support.  Should I choose to do that he is going to fight for sole custody.  Of a child that he doesn’t believe to be his.  Amazing.

At the end of his ranting he just sends me an e-mail telling me how much he loves me and he doesn’t ever want to be with anyone else.  I mean, really, how does he expect me to believe that at this point.  After everything that he’s done.  Screw that – after everything that he said TODAY alone. 

In one way it hurts so much to see all of this crumbling, and to not be able to fix it.  There ARE good things about him, but the bad is just so bad that it can not be overlooked.  He won’t see this.  He wants me to be at fault for this.  He wants to b able to say that HE tried and it was MY decision.  What other decision could I possibly make?

I’ll be thankful to be away from work so I don’t have to see anything else that he may write to me today.  It’s just too much to take at this point.

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3 Responses to Up and down and all around…

  1. Barbara says:

    Ok, this guy is way screwed up and doesn’t know what he thinks from one minute to the next!
    I know that a father is responsible for his child’s support but if you don’t really need the money can you consider leaving that alone? That will keep him out of the baby’s life which may be a good thing for you and the baby.

  2. smc92079 says:

    Only time will tell I suppose. He really does change his mind from one minute to the next.

  3. Aestas says:

    Again, it all sounds so familiar…

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