Things that make me happy

These may seem like insignifcant things to most, but to me, they are huge.

  • Being able to sleep with pajama’s on
  • Not having to worry if I’m later than I originally anticipated
  • Being able to watch things on television that I enjoy
  • Not being forced to stay awake until I give in to sex
  • Being encouraged to rest when I need to, and not being called lazy because of it
  • Cooking for people who are not picky
  • Having real conversations
  • Strengthening my relationship with friends who were neglected by me
  • Rediscovering the things that I am passionate about
  • Not being yelled at for being on the phone/computer/texting/etc
  • Listening to music that I like without having it turned off on me
  • Not being made fun of constantly
  • Slowly but surely getting my finances under control
  • Not having to hand over my money
  • Spending time with someone who appreciates me and wants to do things with me
  • Not having to drown my pain in alcohol
  • Having friends over without the uncomfortable feeling of him disapproving hanging in the air
  • Not having racial comments thrown in my face because my father is black
  • Being able to make plans and not breaking them because he is upset
  • Not having to lie to my family

I’ll probably add to this list over the coming days, but I wanted to get the things that were in my head down on paper before I forgot.  This may shape up to be a very long list 🙂

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2 Responses to Things that make me happy

  1. I did the same thing when I got out. It was a wonderful list! I use to look at it on the days I wondered whether I did the right thing. It helped me to straighten out my head.
    I haven’t had to look at it in years……:)

  2. Aestas says:

    I made a list like this, too.

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