You have GOT to be kidding me!

I just got a phone call from my step-daughter’s orchestra teacher.  2 years ago, I would have taken it in stride.  It would have been the norm, because the school always contacted me first.  No big deal.

Today is a totally different story though.  I haven’t spoken to my step-daughter since last August.  Her father and I exchange only brief words when he is picking up or dropping off the baby.  I shouldn’t not be listed as a contact for my step-daughter.

Forget the fact that I will have been gone for 2 years in September.  If it had happened last school year, I could have understood it, because I left after school had started.  But this year?  I don’t see how it’s even remotely possible that he hasn’t removed me as a contact person at her school. 

I’ve just stopped shaking from this.  I hate that after almost 2 years these things pop up and still affect me this way.  I just want to shut down completely and crawl in to bed right now.  But I can’t do that.  I can sit here in a daze for a bit, but I can’t just turn it all off. 

I guess, ultimately, it just makes me angry that I’ve worked so hard to remove him from everything, and he’s done none of that.  He has been so adamant that I have no contact with “his” daughter, that he will press charges if I do, but yet I’m still listed as her mother at the school.  This just makes no sense to me.  I suppose I’m asking for too much though, when I ask for logical actions from an illogical person. 

Well, at least this will make my therapy session worth the $45 tomorrow.

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1 Response to You have GOT to be kidding me!

  1. OMG! Apparently he screwed up on this, too! I’d call the school and tell them to contact him for another emergency contact person!

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