Time keeps passing

This week marked 1 year since I went to get an Order of Protection after my ex threatened to kill me.  I realized last night that I didn’t even think about it on that day.  I thought about it in the days leading up the the “anniversary” but it never crossed my mind when the actual day was here.  Last night I thought about how strange that was.

Now, I think it just shows how little he enters my thoughts now.  I’m not thinking about what will happen next on a daily basis.  I just LIVE.  I’m so happy with that. 

I’ll never be truly rid of him.  We have our daughter to take care of, so I’ll be seeing him and dealing with him for the next 20 years at least.  I realize now though that it doesn’t have to be something that affects everything that I do.  It’s a wonderful feeling.

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2 Responses to Time keeps passing

  1. Wow. I am so sorry you had to go thru that terrible experience. I LOVE your attitude about it though. Awesome. I hope you continue to heal and thrive in the days that come.

    I am visiting via your comment at Scary Mommy blog today. So nice to meet you.

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