I realized something this morning.  This past Monday was the 2 year anniversary of leaving my husband.  The day came and went, and I never even thought about it.  It was only when I was trying to recall the date today that it came to mind.

I used to place so much importance on the dates.  Getting past another milestone.  And just a few weeks ago, I was worried about our impending wedding anniversary, and whether or not he would acknowledge it when we were exchanging the baby.

This time there was no worry.  There was no grieving.  It was simply another day in my life, where I went to work, took care of my daughter, and lived.  But I think that’s the important thing.  I was able to simply LIVE – without fear, without hurt, without control, without abuse.

I think the fact that this “anniversary” went by unnoticed shows progress for me.  It shows that I’m healing, and that my life is moving forward.  It shows that I’m simply focused on pursuing a better life for myself, and my daughter.  I’m healing from my past, slowly but surely. 

Maybe, just maybe, there really is life after abuse.

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2 Responses to Progress?

  1. Nicole says:

    You’re exactly right – you’re living YOUR life. Recovery is never quick or easy but if you keep doing everything you’ve been doing, imagine what elements of the past will go unnoticed in your amazing new life. Keep going!

  2. That’s wonderful!! Yes, life does get better eventually!

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