Threats, threats, threats

I’m really not sure how his thought process works.  He is now saying that he is going to get a restraining order against me because I talked to his daughter.  Now mind you, this is the child that I raised for 6 years.  I am the only mother that she knows.  But because I won’t do what he wants (come home, subject myself to further abuse) he wants me to have no contact with her at all.  I know that there is nothing that he can do to get a restraining order against me unless he lies.  And even if he does, it won’t go past the hearing.  But I still find myself terrified by him.  I’m sick of the way he tries to use the legal system to his advantage, when in fact there is no advantage at all.  He has NO idea what he’s doing.  And I’m hoping that will be his downfall.

I have to go to small claims court on 5.5 because he is suing me for the value of my laptop.  He feels that because he purchased the laptop in his name, it belongs to him.  However, what he fails to remember, is that it was purchased during our marriage, and is therefore marital property.  My attorney is going to come to that hearing with me and simply tell the judge that there is a pending divorce and it should get dismissed.  But it’s such a nuisance to have to take time off of work and go to court because of his BS.  And I’m sure that it will just escalate him further when he sees that things aren’t going to always go his way.

He has this false notion that he’ll never lose in court because he always won against his ex-wife. She was somewhere around 20 years old, illiterate, and didn’t have the money to have an attorney.  So he got  a divorce by default and sole custody of his daughter.  But I’m much more intelligent than she was (or than he is for that matter) and I won’t be stopped by his ridiculous threats.  I was strong enough to stay in the marriage for as long as I did, even though I was being treated horribly.  I am strong enough to combat his barrage of legal threats until he realizes that the court system will not revolve around him. 

I can only hope that he’ll meet someone so that he gets tied up in that relationship and doesn’t have the time or energy to keep harrassing me.  I’m sure it will happen eventually.  He’s the type of person who can not be alone.  I know that he’s actively looking for someone (he posted an ad on Craigslist), so hopefully he’ll get some poor gullible girl to believe all his nonsense.  I just feel bad for her, and hope that she recognizes him for what he is sooner than I ever did.

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One Response to Threats, threats, threats

  1. I’ve read all of your posts and I feel so bad for you, especially about not being able to see his daughter–the love of your life! How bastardly of him!
    You are going to have to stay strong about this! If possible, stay away from him because his kind are very good at turning on the charm and coaxing you back.
    You will soon have a new life to think of and you surely do NOT want the baby to be raised around that kind of anger and abuse.
    Hang in there and get all the help you need to accomplish this! 🙂

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